Company has already achieved three milestones in expansion of Sugar Unit, setting up of Distillery & Co-Gen units.

  • Company successfully expanded sugar crushing capacity to 3500 TCD from 2500 TCD. For 2014-15 Season company is having target of export of power of around 4.5 Cr. KWh to MSEDCL which will be the highest in the history of JSL.
  • The work of erection of 30KLPD distillery is under process and will be ready in the crushing season 2016-17. By this proposed project the JSL will participate in ethanol market the need of the era and will be assured its quantity outflow and timely cash flow for its working capital requirement.
  • Company has 15 MW Co-Gen plant which is fetching good return with effective utilization of bagasse a byproduct.
  • In 2014-15 seasons, company has crushed highest cane in its history.

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