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1. The company is promoted by chairman Adv. B. B. Jadhav (B.Sc - Agri., L.L.B), Advocate and a prominent agriculturist.

2. Shri. Sachin B. Jadhav (B.Sc Agri, MBA) Managing Director of Company having 3 years experience of erection & commissioning and operation of sugar factory, as well as agriculturist. He is an entrepreneur in his own right.

3. Shri. Rahul B. Jadhav (B.E – Mech.) is an experienced engineer as well as an agriculturist. He is presently looking after the technical management of the sugar factory under construction.


 Chairman Message :

 I express my gratitude towards all our well wishers, farmers, co workers and customers who have contributed to the success story of Jakraya Sugar L.t.d.

This transformation was not an easy task. We had to strictly implement policies to check corruption, Our timely decisions have boosted financial growth. We strongly believe that honest and intelligent efforts along with vision can help an organization to survive, to grow, to compete.

Since our inception, we have been following a unique business model of working with the sugarcane farmers by taking care of the farming community, providing them farm inputs, credit facilities etc. We are the first sugar factory in the country to have successfully introduced mechanized sugarcane harvesting, and large-scale drip irrigation systems in our operational area. By our sincere efforts, there has been all round improvement in the socio-economic well being of the rural class living in the surrounding areas of our factories.

"India lives in its villages", said Mahatma Gandhi and it's our good fortune that our growth has been dovetailed with that India the Father of our Nation saw. Today what stands testimony alongside our success as a Group is our consistent commitment towards nourishing the rural people through healthcare, education and community building.

I am confident that by treading the socio-economic path we have adopted, with unflinching commitment and dedicated efforts, Sakthi is poised to scale new industrial horizons in the years to come.

With kind regards

Yours faithfully,

Adv.B. B. Jadhav


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