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In this coming season 2015-16 the management has plan to expand the installed capacity of the factory from 2500TCD to 3500 TCD and from 11MW to 15 MW Co-generation. Also the management has under taken the second phase of sugar factory in the form of 30KLPD Ethanol Distillery.

  •  Within a year time coming with Tetra Pack Cane Juice at International Level.
  •  Various new irrigation schemes started in the area of operation under the management of sugar factory and increased the sugar cane production about 3,00,000 tonnes per year and thus saved the transportation cost in crores of rupees.
  •  Completed expansion of 4000 tonnes within a short span and increased the capacity from 4000 TCD to 8000 TCD with minimum cost.
  •  Maximum production in distillery up to 75 lacs litres in the history of distillery.
  •  Tried to keep maximum yield of sugarcane per acre and getting awards at State Level and National Level.
  •  Best Capacity Utilization of the sugar factory.
  •  Better services to workers and society through media of Worker's Society, Workers Kalyan Mandal, Ganeshotsav mandal and  Shikshan Mandal.
  • Organizing various seminars for Directors, Officers above Supervisory staff and also for the workers to enlighten them to keep up with a present scenario.
  • Various State and National Level Awards have been achieved by the Sugar Factory.

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