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The aim and object of the Cooperative Sugar Factory is to secure social justice and impart modern technology in agricultural operations. A part from this the other prime motive is to improve the economic conditions of the agriculturists through the cooperative processing and marketing of their products especially of sugarcane and its byproducts.

Our Co-Operative Industrial Complex has undertaken various socio-economic activities for improving the economic conditions and standard of living of the villagers in the area of operation of our factory as under: -

01. The cultivator members are encouraged to construct Gobar Gas Plants of various capacities and are provided with a subsidy amount equal to the Village Cottage Industries Commission. The subsidy ratio is based on installed capacity. So far agriculturist members have constructed 692 Gobar Gas Plants of various capacities in the area of operation with subsidy.

02. The Management of the Sugar Factory with a view to procure sizeable sugarcane and to provide subsidiary work to the agriculturist members has implemented JSL VAHATUK YOJANA. Through this scheme the sugar factory has distributed 34 trucks, 84 tractors, 156 trailers and 500 bullock carts fitted with Rubber Tyre amongst the producer member.

03. The factory has purchased one bulldozer of 80 HP capacity and one tractor of 35 HP capacity and also 2 tractors of 50 HP capacity each to facilitate the agriculturists for development of their lands.

04. The Factory has also established a Workers Co-Operative Credit Society. This society is functioning very smoothly by rendering Short Term loans to its members to the extent of Rs. 1.25Lakh and Emergency Short Term Loan Rs. 35,000/-.

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