Server handling the entire network has all the accesses control with all machines in network. This network will be protected by the login name and passwords. All the network management is covered under this section.

Client Management
All the clients connected with respective server will be managed properly.

Data Processing
Data, which is coming from respective department, should be processed by the server to give end results.

Network Maintenance
Maintenance of local area network in the factory arena should be checked regularly.

Software Maintenance 
Software loaded on server and clients such as operating system, application software etc.

Software Development and Support
Software made for sugar factory will have to regularly monitor for its proper function. Staff from all respective departments should be given regular support on the using of software. Software development with updated technology up and when required.

Hardware Maintenance
Hardware maintenance of all the machines and peripheral should be checked regularly.

Network Administration
Server client administration in local area network. All the necessary information about LAN and WAN. Working and services provided by ISP etc.

Dial-up Network / Broad Band Internet Services
Dial-up network as per the need will be connected with the help of local DOT lines or dedicated lines or ISDN lines.

CC-TV Camera Security Systems Services :
Factory implemented 36 Indoor / Outdoor  cameras  and 1 Mega Camera.

SMS Services :
Information send through SMS Service to Top Management members , HOD, Producer Members & Cane Harvester -Transporter Contractors.

Online Banking Service :
Union bank of India online Account using for paying online all tax payments, excise duties, prov. Funds, filling the various govt. returns.

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