Tender :- Sugar sale- Domestic & Export as well as Molasses sale.

Core Values:

  •  Comply with statutory and regulatory requirements related to industrial health and safety
  •  Integrate health and safety aspects in selection, use and maintenance of plant, machinery, equipment, materials, processes and products
  •  Incorporate safety and health in selection, training, placement and career advancement for our personnel
  •  Provide all individuals with necessary information, instruction, supervision and motivation to promote safe work practices
  •  Encourage and promote participation of employees in all safety activities
  •  Evaluate and improve health and safety performance of the organization through periodical safety inspection and review


  • Jakraya's vision of growth is an all-inclusive one that extends beyond its employees to encompass the communities its various businesses are engaged with, and society at large. Through diverse initiatives, we endeavour to make a difference where it is most needed.


Water scarcity is an issue that plagues the lives of many rural communities. JAKRAYA Foundation is actively involved in projects that conserve water and help in its equitable distribution to the districts in Solapur. Under Jalsandharan, our water management and distribution project, to service the needs of villages in YENKI

Education, entrepreneurship and vocational training

Children are the future of the country and we, at JAKRAYA Foundation, work to ensure that children in disadvantaged circumstances receive the help and guidance they need to succeed. This includes primary and secondary education as well as distribution of school uniforms and books among needy families in rural area, under Jakraya Prashala, Yenki, Tal. Mohol Dist. Solapur. Training in technical and non-technical fields for orphan children; entrepreneurial guidance, assistance and motivation for unemployed youth through the Jakraya Sugar Ltd



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