1. Chairman

Chairman Message:

I express my gratitude towards all our  well wishers, farmers, co workers and customers who have contributed to the success story of Jakraya Sugar L.t.d.

This transformation was not an easy task. We had to strictly implement policies to check corruption, Our timely decisions have boosted financial growth. We strongly believe that honest and intelligent efforts along with vision can help an organization to survive, to grow, to compete.

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Rahul                                                              Sachin 

 Mr. Rahul B Jadhav (Whole Time Director)                                         Mr. Sachin B Jadhav (Managing Director)



Leadership with Integrity

Innovative Engineering

Focus On Our Clients

High Quality Professionals


What Makes Us Different

White Sugar

White sugar is sugar which has been refined and washed so that it has a white appearance and no molasses flavour. It contains 99.9% sucrose.


Molasses is the dark, sweet, syrupy byproduct made during the extraction of sugars from sugarcane and sugar beets Molasses can vary in color


Sugar industry is a unique industry which follows the principle of soil-to-soil.Press-mud/filter cake obtained as waste during sugar


Distillation Process: The distillation process begins with raw materials like Grains/ Molasses, which are grinded in order to make it a mash.

About Jakraya Sugar L.t.d.

The Jakraya Group has grown into a diversified conglomerate in just 5th years. At the vanguard of a movement dedicated to 'India Empowered', Jakraya is driven towards becoming a catalyst for the growth of the economy.

Today the Group is involved in varied activities including Agro-Industries, Banking & Finance, Education, A common thread ties them all – a collective passion for growth

Primary Services

  • Safety and Health Inspection
  • Environmental Workspace
  • Children of the members will get education
  • Reliability and Safety Assessment